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„Effective Heat and Temperature Control“ is HOBRA’s comprehensive mark, under which all the company’s products and services in refractory and insulation applications are identified. In essence, it is a marketing project which covers everything HOBRA manufactures, offers and supplies in these spheres.

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TIBREX® refractory boards are manufactured from ceramic, aluminosilicate heat-resistant fibers bonded only with an inorganic binder. The boards are used for various purposes where high thermally-insulating capacity and shape stability under higher temperatures is required.

Products from these fibers are used to line the inner spaces of various types of boilers and furnaces, combustion chambers, reactors, and as progressive insulation materials in metallurgy and foundry. Since the TIBREX® boards must show sufficient strength in heat, inorganic binders are used, which maintain their binding capacity even at high temperatures. The advantage of using an inorganic binder as compared to an organic is that the binder will not burn out at high temperatures. This feature contributes to the creation of a uniform, evenly distributed structure and good strength, as well as board integrity at higher temperatures up to the level of the thermal resistance of the fibers used.

TIBREX® refractory boards are intended predominantly for thermal insulation with a thermal resistance up to 1,200 °C. They provide the protection of structures against high temperatures and high heat economies by preventing heat from dissipation. The use of high-temperature insulation materials has a long tradition and the heat economies, namely in discontinuously operated furnaces or heat sets, are up to 30-40% of the heat in comparison with the heat consumption in the furnaces constructed using conventional refractory materials. The boards can also be used as loadable pads, e.g. in storage heaters.

TIBREX® boards are used in the following applications, but are not limited to them:

  • Metallurgy
  • Insulation and repairs of all furnace types
  • Expansion insulation behind brick (concrete) masonry
  • Insulation of ladle and furnace lids
  • Insulation of mixers, heaters, etc.
  • Boiler production
  • Insulation of burner chambers
  • Insulation of doors and exhausts
  • Brick industry
  • Insulation and sealing of furnace cars
  • Expansion components of furnace insulation
  • Other
  • Insulation of heating furnaces and parts of glass tanks
  • High-temperature sealing for all applications
  • Insulation of hotplates
  • Fire and heat radiation protection
  • Metallurgy of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Fire-resistant doors

More detailed information about this product, including technical data, can be found in the downloadable documents below.

Documents to download:
TIBREX® (244.9KB, .PDF)

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