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The company HOBRA-Školník is a significant European manufacturer of solutions in the areas of filtration and insulation. The first HOBRA branded insulating products saw the light 85 years ago and the company is engaged in filtration for more than 65 years. Convince yourselves about the outstanding quality of insulation and filtration products developed and manufactured using the state of the art technology and strict quality standards.

About the company

HOBRA – Školník s.r.o., with its registered office in Broumov, follows the tradition of the plant established in 1930. Since 1950 it has been among the conventional manufacturers of filtersheets and, since 1965, also among the manufacturers of high-quality insulation materials.

Filtration media, filter equipment and technologies

Within its consistent program titled “RELIABLE FILTRATION”, Hobra – Školník manufactures and supplies filter equipment such as sheet filters, filters for filter modules and filter cartridges, and the tradition medium for sheet filters, i.e. deep filtersheets to complete the modules and cartridges. Within the “RELIABLE FILTRATION” project, the firm also offers advisory services and structured solutions for filtration requirements from inlet water up to final product processing.

Refractory and insulation materials

In the sphere of insulation materials, the production range is thoughtfully aimed at solving comprehensively the customer insulation issues in the “EFFECTIVE HEAT AND TEMPERATURE CONTROL” program, which deals with insulation issues at temperatures from 300°C to 1,600°C. In addition to conventional boards based on mineral and aluminosilicate ceramic fibers, refractory paper and shaped forms, the firm supplies insulation mats, ropes and, above all, comprehensive solutions of customer requirements in many industries such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, metallurgy, brick industry, glass works, and in furnace and boiler production.

At present, the firm ranks among the first-class and traditional suppliers of its solutions worldwide.

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