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The company HOBRA-Školník is a significant European manufacturer of solutions in the areas of filtration and insulation. The first HOBRA branded insulating products saw the light 85 years ago and the company is engaged in filtration for more than 65 years. Convince yourselves about the outstanding quality of insulation and filtration products developed and manufactured using the state of the art technology and strict quality standards.

FAQ - HOBRA in general

Do you send goods to an address and how?
We send goods as agreed with the customers, for instance including cash on delivery. There are also goods which can be purchased from our distributors.

How long will it take me to receive the goods after ordering?
We have the standard sizes and types of our products on stock and send them by return mail; special sizes and types are sent as agreed.

Is it possible to order goods by phone?
Yes, it's possible, but we prefer written orders to prevent any misunderstandings.

Has your firm been certified?
Yes, our firm has an ISO 9001 quality management system certificate and an ISO 14001 environmental system certificate. For more information, please see the Quality section.

Do you grant “supplier credits” to important customers?
Yes, it's a common practice. Everything depends on discussion and mutual agreement.

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