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The company HOBRA-Školník is a significant European manufacturer of solutions in the areas of filtration and insulation. The first HOBRA branded insulating products saw the light 85 years ago and the company is engaged in filtration for more than 65 years. Convince yourselves about the outstanding quality of insulation and filtration products developed and manufactured using the state of the art technology and strict quality standards.

Research and Development

While maintaining the Quality System, HOBRA puts emphasis on innovating the existing products and developing new products in full accordance with the ISO 9001 Quality Policy.

This demanding work is done partly by the Research and Development Department in the firm’s laboratory and partly in cooperation with selected specialists, namely: Doc. Ing. Miloslav Milichovský, DrSc., from the Department of Wood, Pulp and Paper of the Faculty of Chemical Technology of the University of Pardubice (technology of production and development of filtersheets) and Doc. Ing. Jaroslav Kutzendörfer, CSc., from the Glass and Ceramics Department of the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague (development of refractory materials).

All these issues are also discussed with selected expert establishments; for instance, the Institute of Chemical Technology (department of fermentation processes), Research Institute of Brewing and Malting, and expert winery establishments such as the Department of Viticulture and Viniculture of the Faculty of Horticulture of MZLU and the Research Institute of Building Materials.

In addition to the research activities, the firm’s laboratory also performs inspections as the “last quality control”, the results of which are provided in the firm’s information system and are available at any time. This means in practice that, after the operating tests directly in production, the laboratory checks not only the basic product properties but also other parameters necessary for quality assessment. The inspection system thus makes sure that HOBRA – Školník only dispatches first-class products.

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