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„Reliable Filtration“ is HOBRA’s comprehensive mark under which all the company’s products and services in liquid filtration are identified. It is a marketing project which covers everything HOBRA manufactures, offers and supplies in this sphere.

Candecol - Columns
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FILTER SETS - Depending on our customers´ requirements we offer less or more specific solutions, such as HOBRA filter columns made of high-quality stainless steels and with an above standard quality of processing.

You can choose between chemically resistant AISI 316L steel or 304 food steel. The columns can be composed of many different technological units. Sets of CANDECOL cartridge filters of different size combined with ORBICOL module filters or HOBRACOL sheet filters are used most frequently. One- or two-way versions can, of course, be chosen as well as pre-filtration adjustment. Other optional parts of the columns, which are, however, quite important for microfiltration and recommended by HOBRA Co., are integrated pumps with frequency converters. The converters perform communication between the pump and the filling line and so they optimise filtrate supply to feeding devices without any pressure surges. They are critical for microfiltration. They also control the dry operation, which protects the pump while it is idling.

Service water filtration, used for regeneration of the membrane filter cartridges, is necessary and can be located directly on the column with a sanitation station or on an external sanitation station also manufactured and supplied by HOBRA Co.

We offer to modify our customers’ old filtration devices so that they conform to increasing requirements for filtration quality.

Alcoholic beverages
Soft drinks
Oil and biofuel

Characteristic - Candecol

CANDECOL cartridge filter equipment (housing) is manufactured of high-quality stainless steel, namely chemically resistant material AISI 316L and food material AISI 304, and consists of a tripod stand, removable cover, and a clamping segment.

It is manufactured in several basic sizes with various optional inlet and outlet accessories, but also in different assemblies on a standard base. The advantages of this equipment are closed, airtight and dripless filtration, the simple and quick installation of cartridges and their renewability. Another advantage is the vertical design of the equipment, which poses no increased demands on water in regeneration and sterilization. CANDECOL cartridge filter equipment is applied in beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries, and in biotechnological applications.

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