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„Reliable Filtration“ is HOBRA’s comprehensive mark under which all the company’s products and services in liquid filtration are identified. It is a marketing project which covers everything HOBRA manufactures, offers and supplies in this sphere.

„AC“ Series
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HOBRAFILT depth filtersheets of an "AC" series are manufactured of special types of high-quality cellulose fibres, diatomaceous earth, perlites and activated carbon, which form a three-dimensional, deep filter of a large inner surface.

These activated carbon filtersheets contains different types of activated carbon and in different volume. Filtersheets of an "AC" series are intended for filtration applications in the beverage industry, being especially suitable for the removal of aftertaste and discoloration in alcohol, sugar solutions, eventually for filtration of vodka. They are also usable in different chemical and pharmaceutical applications.

Documents to download:
HOBRAFILT - „AC“ Series (155.2KB, .PDF)

Alcoholic beverages
Soft drinks
Oil and biofuel

Characteristic - Hobrafilt

A filtersheet is essentially a three-dimensional, deep filter consisting of adsorbents of a large inner surface. This can be imagined as a labyrinth of little chambers and channels of different lengths inside the sheet where dirt is captured.

Contrary to screen filtration, the presence of adsorbents in a deep filtersheet will multiply the total filtration area and, thereby, increase the quantity of the solution being filtered.

Filtration mechanism

Three different filtration types as specified below are applied in the filtration process over filtersheets. In practice, normally, none of the three filtration mechanisms occurs separately during filtration due to the wide range of particle size but they are more or less combined, which is decisive for the filtration result.

  1. Mechanical filtration – direct filtration of foreign substances. All particles greater than the filtersheet holes are captured mechanically on its surface.
  2. Electrostatic adsorption – light molecular interactions, Van der Waals forces, occurring among the particles of solutions and the filtersheet material and ensuring that particles smaller than the dimensions of the sheet's inner pores are captured in the little chambers and channels of the filtersheet.
  3. Electrokinetic adsorption – this is based on the existence of Zeta potential and is applied in microbiologically effective sheets. Excellent filtration/separation effects towards negatively charged particles of dirt, microorganisms and viruses suspended in the liquid being filtered are achieved through the change of the naturally negative electrokinetic charge of the filtersheet to positive - i.e. Zeta potential. This is achieved by a special treatment with polyelectrolytes that are not harmful to health. This treatment makes it possible to capture particles up to ten times smaller than the dimensions of the filtersheet pores.

HOBRAFILT filter sheets are delivered in the format 20x20, 40x40 and 60x61,4 cm. Based on customer requirements are also supplied other dimensions, such as circular or sheets with various holes, etc.

Documents to download:
CONDITIONS FOR SUCCESSFUL FILTRATION using HOBRAFILT filtersheets of the „N“ and „NT“ Series (563.7KB, .PDF)
HOBRAFILT - Product sheet (831.1KB, .PDF)
Hobrafilt instructions with differential pressure specification (581.3KB, .PDF)

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