„Reliable Filtration“ is HOBRA’s comprehensive mark under which all the company’s products and services in liquid filtration are identified. It is a marketing project which covers everything HOBRA manufactures, offers and supplies in this sphere.

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CANDEFILT-HMVS membrane filter cartridges with large surface and borosilicate pre-filtration layer are designed especially for final filtration of wines, that are difficult to filter.

CANDEFILT-HMVS filter cartridges contain pleated PES (hydrophilic asymmetric polyethersulfone) membrane and a pre-filtration layer of borsilicate microfibres, which provides improved protection of the membrane. These cartridges are specifically designed for pre-filtration and at the same time final microbiological effective filtration of wines with higher content of residual sugar and colloids. Polyester drainage layers at the inlet and outlet allow more fluent passage of the filtrate and thus accelerate the filtration process. CANDEFILT-HMVS is of course regenerable and sanitizable by hot water, steam or chemical agents.

Documents to download:
CANDEFILT instructions for membrane cartridges (342.2KB, .PDF)

Alcoholic beverages
Soft drinks
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Characteristic - Candefilt

CANDEFILT filter cartridges are well-tried and proven products intended for different filtration types in all spheres, including the beverage industry or pharmaceutics. The diversity of capture rates in the filter cartridges essentially follows from the variations of the filtration material.

CANDEFILT filter cartridges feature workmanship quality, highly appreciated capacity and, with the use of special membranes, also 100% separation precision. The production range thus covers both filter cartridges of an absolute capture rate and other, for instance pre-filter, cartridges of a rated capturing capacity.

Documents to download:
Candefilt - filter cartridges (196.8KB, .PDF)
CANDEFILT instructions for pre-filtration cartridges (330.6KB, .PDF)
CANDEFILT instructions for membrane cartridges (342.2KB, .PDF)

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